The Trustees overseeing all operations of the Trust are all members of the Trust itself meaning every decision they make affects them in the exact same way it affects you.

Nonprofit Services

The co-founders of the Trust, Dennis Costa and Mark Hanson, have been working exclusively with nonprofit organizations for more than 30 years each. By focusing on the member’s best interests, they have created a uniquely flexible program allowing members to make their participation in the Trust fit perfectly within their preferences.

UC Advantage

UCA has been the exclusive provider of claims administration services for the Trust for over 15 years and provides the most personalized service in the industry. That contributes to their industry-leading winning percentage on protest-able claims of 94% or more and has met or exceeded that percentage for 7 consecutive years.

HR Hotline

Mark Kozin has provided outstanding support to our nonprofit members for nearly 20 years on top of his extensive experience with Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. His experience is wide-ranging and is not limited to unemployment matters. He can assist with creating/updating employment handbooks, consult on disciplinary matters, etc.  There is no additional cost to members so reach out as often as you need to without concern for cost.