Trust Board of Directors

Trustees are members of the Trust themselves and oversee all operations of the Trust including service coordination, investments, claims activity, deposit records, membership updates, marketing plans, establishment of rates/fees of providers, etc.

Nonprofit Services

Provides all service and marketing efforts of the Trust including providing invoices, annual statements, makes payments on behalf of members to applicable State Unemployment Departments, coordinates and monitors services provided by the Claims Administrators & Human Resources Hotline, obtains and maintains applicable insurance policies for the Trust, coordinates all legal activities relating to agreements & contracts, establishes reserve levels for future claims, provides reports to the Board of Directors on membership, claims activities, performance of all services providers, etc.

UC Advantage, Inc.

Coordinates all services related to claims including communications between members and the various State Unemployment Departments, audits every claim for correct charges and apportionment, contests claims on behalf of members preparing for and attending any unemployment hearings, answering unemployment related questions, advising and training members (in house available) with regards to reducing unemployment liabilities, assists in planning for future unemployment claims and reserves, etc.

Human Resources Advisors

Provides professional Human Resources consultation on a variety of subjects including but not limited to wage and hour, employee relations, performance management, compliance, (eeo/affirmative action, ADA, FMLA, etc. ) compensation, benefits, personnel records and controls, etc.